Cutting sticky back 2 mm foam

Working on a paper airplane launcher - so needed to cut some thin stickyback foam from the dollar store to dampen the blows.
Pro model - used speed 150 power 20 - 1 pass - thickness .04" Seems to work fine with the paper side up or down.
Anyone has other notes on foam settings- please post - would love to get a database of sorts for this type of material. Assuming we want to use the least amount of power so edges are clean. I have had no need to engrave yet - would be interested in some ideas about settings people have had success with.

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Hi there,
Just careful with foam as it can be very toxic once it’s in contact with the laser!
Always make sure to check before cutting it! :slight_smile:

Agreed, that is why we are looking to use the lowest power so it just makes it through I assume. I vent outside - waiting for the filter I ordered a few years ago - but I will still vent outside. When I cut plywood I usually leave the room and let it vent outside for some time before I return to the room as well, not sure what the rub is with the glue…

I’m prototyping - so don’t use it that much - the foam parts are very small - not sure I would do any large cutting projects - and especially engraving - not sure how that works either - agree that it is the invisible fumes that are bad for you! (although the smoke from a forest fire is also bad… - we had that last summer)

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My goto for settings is this Google Sheet. It has a few foam options - feel free to add more!


Waaaa! Where has this been all my life!!
Amazing, no more scratching my head!! - thanks Dierdrebeth!

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