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Please be nice as I’m a newbie to this chat. I was just wondering as time is ticking on and (hopefully) before we know it, we will be in possession of our sparkly new Glowforges, whether any UK owners have sourced anywhere for your cutting supplies, i.e. MDF, woods etc…?

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome aboard Tracey.
I’m doing exactly the same as you. I’ve been looking at Ebay and there are loads available there.
Also is a good source.
Also, join a local Freecycle or Freegle group - it’s amazing what people just give away!


I don’t live in the UK, but try asking some woodworking clubs. They probably know of great places to find suitable wood, and may also have the tools to make some thin wood boards for you. You may not have to spend any money either. Just trade wood for lasering services! By the way, glad to have you on board.


Hi Tracy

Found these guys at
For laser ply and Perspex also eBay search for laser ply


I would like to add that one should try to be creative in sourcing of materials. I live quite close to an IKEA and have used cutting boards (Bamboo and oak), placemats (cork), pot stands, picture frames (PE + Acrylic) and shelves as raw material for laser cutting. Now that I have had access to a laser cutter for a while I often spot things that could be used for laser cutting in all kinds of places.

That being said I still haven’t found a good source for thin wood sheets (not plywood). Best thing I found so far is painting palettes.

The primary reason for all of this is that everything that is sold in raw sheets is super expensive here.


Welcome Tracey!
Some of us may have a twisted sense of humor, but everybody is nice!

Good move throwing your question in here, the forum is a growing collective of experience across most of the different materials the laser can work with.
Besides the resident laser wizards with years of experience, there is also a bunch of us (like me) who are new to the technology and have learned a great deal from the community here.


I absolutely agree with Kitronik. When we shared a unit with them we were able to hound them about the importance of high quality materials and much to my surprise they actually listened and went out and found the best stuff rather than just the same mediocre everyone else was selling. They even manage to sell it at the same price, I buy all my materials from them (where possible)

Otherwise I have a list on my blog for materials (which I should probably update more frequently)


As a warning in case anyone is running a business and falls in love with Aliexpress as their material source: This is the chinese equivalent of Amazon. Almost (but not quite all) sales in there are from Chinese suppliers.

This is not inherently a problem (for most people). But it does mean that in February shipments completely stop. Chinese new year shuts that country down HARD. So… order plenty of surplus during January so that you can afford to be left high and dry until march.


Thanks everyone for your feedback - it is greatly appreciated.


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Good tip. Thanks.

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