Cutting Support on Home Depot Craft board

I purchased baltic birch craft board at Home Depot for a project. It’s labeled at 1/4 in but is actually about 0.19 when I used calipers. I’ve tried multiple different settings for cutting through it and have not had any luck!its will cut mostly through but not completely. Most recently full power with a speed of 250. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Thank you!

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If you look at the cut setting for medium plywood the speed is 170. Try that, full power. You are probably going too fast.


I usually have to do several passes to get 1/4" BB to cut through without charring it to death. I cut it at 170/full (basic).


Here’s one method to come up with settings for your material.

I just have a simple file with 5 “chips”, and set each to a different setting around what I think will work, usually 10 speed points apart. If those don’t work, adjust and repeat until I find the best one.


I’ve started using the 1/4 inch birch and maple ply from Lowes.
It typically measures 0.20 - 0.21 inch thickness.
I’ve tried 140 at full power usually works about 90% of the time, but 130 always cuts through.


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