Cutting the bottom out

Has anyone else here cut the bottom out of their GF after the warranty expired like @matt.stoker did? I’ve got some things I want to do and since my warranty expired months ago, I’m thinking more and more about it.

Here’s the original link if anyone is curious. Cutting Out the Bottom of Your Glowforge

There’s been a couple others that have done it and posted over on the GF FB user group.

… enter if you dare. shudder


Yes, one must go in prepared and in the right mental state to deal with that group. (Or maybe the wrong mental state is more appropriate? :thinking:)


there’s lots of good stuff in that group, it’s just buried in a lot of other stuff that can be annoying at times. the structure of FB groups is even less friendly than the structure of discourse, tho.


FB. What’s FB? :smiley:


It really helps if you’re drunk.

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Fantasy Baseball. People get really serious about it.


Nice! I’ll take the Dodgers in the World Series. Now THAT’S a fantasy!

I’ve absolutely loved the cutout and have been using the machine with and without the cutout removed a lot this year.


it is after last night! go Nats! this is Howie do it! :wink:

I’m planning on trying this this weekend if I can get the time. I’ll post pictures.

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I remember when my mom waited in line for tickets to the 1963 World Series. She had the option for the 4th game or the 5th game. Luckily she got tix for the 4th game!

Well, I thought I would report in. I chickened out. I looked at in greater detail and decided against it. I think what I am going to do now is just buy a more professional model and sell my GF. I just can’t bring myself to cut it up.

Did you do it?

No. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I ended up buying a professional level laser and am using it now.