Cutting thick Draft board


having an issue with cutting thick Draft board… is not cutting all the way thru… i have cleaned all lenses and using Proof grade materials… help…Thanks


Check out #5 for official troubleshooting steps. If you still have problems, call support.

In fact if you’ve been using proof grade materials with proof grade settings, and it still failed… You may be entitled to a refund for your materials. You would need to talk to support for that.


Which model of Glowforge do you have? Has it been working and suddenly can’t cut this material or has it never cut this material?


I have the PLUS model…. First time cutting thick draft board……thanks


Glowforge guarantees that their Proofgrade material will cut properly with Proofgrade settings if the optics and fans are clean and the material is held flat. Print the Gift of Good Measure using the Proofgrade settings for thick Draftboard. If it doesn’t cut/engrave/score perfectly take pictures front and back and send to support along with the date and time of the print. Support will look at your logs to determine what is going wrong and they will probably credit you for wasted material.

I suggest cleaning the optics one more time before doing this, however. Don’t miss the side window on the inside of the Glowforge, the side window on the printhead and the two small lens covers on the underside of the printhead.


Bowing and cupping are the first things I’d check.


for draft board. I have lain it flat with weight on it to make sure it is flat. I store it vertically and it can get a bit of bow in it over time.


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