Cutting Thicker Material

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has attempted to cut 5.5mm wood or around that same size. If so what settings did you use? Just trying to figure out approximately what I need to cut a hard wood, can’t remember what type it is off the top of my head. Thanks!

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Unfortunately, the setting will vary depending on the material… It is slightly thinner than 1/4-inch, so I would test a small piece using proofgrade thick settings for the material is seems closest to and adjust from there. I’ve cut 1/4-inch materials before, smaller shouldn’t be a problem, depending on the material.

There is also a test you can run, I’ll link the post here:

Good luck!


Even when you suspect that you know the species it is good to run test samples as even different pieces of the same species will test differently, even different places on the same piece.

I do keep all the tests labeled and as you build experience (and tests) you begin to have a feeling for where the range should be.


ooh thick walnut cut pretty much all the way through it!


Thick walnut is one of the best, least likely to burn up.

This was 3/8 walnut…

Near the sap wood.


That’s a beautiful result with walnut!

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