Cutting thicker woods

So what is the deal cutting thicker woods than 1/8"? How thick can you cut on one side? 1/4"? Also I think I heard somewhere that you can cut one side then flip it over to finish the cut. Is that true, and if so, how do you align things so it cuts where it should? Thanks guys!

How thick you can get through depends a lot on the material and the number of passes. Up to 0.5" you shouldn’t need to flip because you can keep moving the focus down.

The flip and automatically align is a feature that isn’t part of the software (yet). Though you can do it using various alignment techniques. Commonly jigs, but you can also use finial alignment like for the pass through.


Thanks! I will try some thicker stuff soon.

I cut 1/4 " Baltic Birch without even adjusting the focus. Pretty clean once I got the numbers down.

Basic and Pro have different cutting power. Material dependent. Some 1/4" material is impossible to cut. Some MDF is easy, some very, very difficult and it could be impossible to tell which is which visually. Depends on composition.


Thanks for the help @markwal.

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