Cutting through 2" - 2.5" Foam rubber for camera case

Anyone out there have settings for foam rubber for custom cases?


Anything over 2" will be struck by the printhead as it moves over the material. Also, the focus length of the lens is 1/2" so cutting anything this thick would be a problem.


So 2" and under is the way to go! Thanks!!

I don’t think you can cut 2" foam with the Glowforge. It will fit, but with a 1/2" focus range, it just won’t be able to cut anything that thick.

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Foam cuts really easily, but to get to 2" you’re going to want to layer four 1/2" pieces (you might be able to get away with cutting 3/4", but it’ll get wider and less accurate once it’s outside that 1/2" focus area).

Do be sure the foam you’re cutting doesn’t have any chloride in it (check the SDS for the “on fire” section - chlorine gas will literally eat the inside of your machine).


Foam rubber is pretty vague, there are several forum posts on EVA foam.