Cutting through a deck of playing cards?

Has anyone successfully cut through a deck of playing cards? I tried several different settings and had to do multiple passes, with unsatisfactory results. Any advice? I am still learning … TIA!


Like the whole deck all at once or just one card at a time?


Haven’t tried a whole deck of playing cards at once, but am not surprised you’re getting poor results - cutting multiple layers of any material isn’t recommended. In addition to excessive charring, there’s a greater chance of the material catching fire.

I’d recommend making a jig from cardboard and cutting them individually, after making sure the cards are vinyl-free.

Good luck!


I agree that it is not a good idea to cut multiple layers of any material at one time. Perhaps the Glowforge isn’t the tool for this project.


Do you care to share what you’re trying to make? Perhaps there’s a different approach to your goal.


Are the cards laser-safe? I would just also want to confirm that first!

Agreed! those cards are the wrong kind of plastic, and one dead Glowforge shuffled to the top of the deck.

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