Cutting through leather…

Hi I am trying to cut leather and I used the preset for medium leather. Should I be using the thick setting if I am having them come out with a hairy fringe?? Thanks!

Can I add a photo here too?

It depends on the weight of (how thick) the leather that you’re trying to cut through. Medium is good for about 3 oz leather. Thick is good for about 5 or 6 oz leather. Anything thicker you’ll have to play with the setting a little bit.

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Thank you!

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What leather is this and how thick is it?


Use an arc lighter to burn off the fuzzies. If you do not have an arc lighter you can use a candle. It only takes 1/4 of a second when the flame is on the leather.

Also if you put on gum trag on your leather before the laser there are no fuzzies.


I actually didn’t know this. Thanks for the tip!

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