Cutting through one layer of vinyl record jacket

So I have a weird problem I’m faced with… I’m trying to cut through one layer of a folder vinyl record jacket.

Is there something I can place between the jacket layers to protect the bottom layer while the top is still able to be cut?

I’ve been thinking about maybe even just another layer of thick cardstock but curious what you geniuses have thought of!

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add a sheet of aluminum foil between layers

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what material are you trying to cut? hopefully NOT Vinyl.

Nope! Just the paper record jacket :slight_smile:

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I have used cardstock underneath to prevent flashback on material with great results.


That would be my only concern. The laser won’t cut thru foil but the reflection can cause charring/flashback on certain materials. I use foil quite a bit but generally avoid it, for example, on chipboard - which is likely very similar to a record sleeve.

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Yeah youre right. Its is 24pt paper so just a hair thinner than chipboard

One idea - you could put cardboard inside then foil below that to protect the other side.

That should eliminate the risk of reflection/charring on the front side.


Agreed, this is likely the safest most effective method

Good idea! I’ll have to try that out this week. Thanks, everyone!

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