Cutting time too long?


I’m cutting a file and it’s taking 1.50 mins to cut. No engraving.

It’s approximately 12 x 20 inches and cut on light basswood plywood, speed 245 and full power and 1 pass.

Is this correct? It seems very slow. Its a SVG and set up as a vector with inkscape. The laser is cutting random dots all over the wood and then coming back to it. The design is a approximately 65 words on a sheet.

I’m attaching my file. Perhaps there’s something I can do with file to speed it up? Or just increase the speed to full?

Sorry, I’m new to glowforge and laser cutting in general.

Welcome to the forum.

The time you state seems about right, but without seeing the file or a screenshot of your setup it is hard to be sure. Don’t adjust the speed or you risk not cutting through.

I urge you to work through the Glowforge tutorials so you get a feel for how the Glowforge works.


1.5 mins is pretty fast and sounds right. Welcome to the community!!

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65 words. Sounds like a lot of letters, which equals a lot of points and curves. That is what is adding to your time. If it is small size words then the Glowforge software is moving the cuts around to minimize a lot of heat in one area.


Your file is not attached.


Ditto to what they said in that it seems reasonable - if you haven’t already make sure to merge all your pieces so it’s all one item (not just group). If each one is separate and moved about you could be increasing the time.

As @bwente pointed out - the :glowforge: will also move itself about to minimize burn risk.


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