Cutting titanium or niobium

I am anxiously awaiting my gf delivery and I from what I’ve read, it’s not the right type of laser to cut metal…but was curious if I had really thin sheets of titanium or niobium 22 or 26 gauge (.025”/.016”) would it be able to cut it?

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No CO2 laser in the 40 watt category will cut even a kitchen aluminum foil. You need at least a fiber laser with a much more powerful beam.
However, you can permanently mark metal using a spray like Cermark. There are hundreds of materials you can use to score, cut or engrave on your :glowforge:


I thought that might be the case but was hoping…thank you so much for the quick response

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There’s been some experimentation with titanium that was surprising— it appeared to produce colors and even remove some material:

I’m not sure if it’s ever been reproduced… a search of titanium here will yield other discussions, you might want to dig through them and see what you find.


You can anodize titanium with heat or electrical current…I have a set up for that…but I had not thought about the heat from the laser coloring the titanium I may need to experiment with that…thank you


I was looking at a fiber/co2 laser for quite some time. I’ve had my eye on it since before the glowforge… But convincing my husband that I really NEED a 75k dollar laser, and not just WANT a 75k dollar laser has been difficult. :rofl::rofl: I told him we can get it used for 50k…still not winning that battle…not when he can buy another car or two at that price.


Actually I’ve done that, but by accident, and it was more melted than cut. I was using it behind some small intricate cuts so they didn’t fall into the tray, and after several repeats (testing various cut settings ) in the same location I discovered holes burned through the foil in a few places. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have a memory of some “will it laser?” posts where many repeated cuts would make it through some surprising materials, like slate.

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I hear ya…while I can justify a lot of expenses…that is one I can’t…especially since it’s just for personal use and not a business expense


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