Cutting twice on single lines

I added this before, but the issue continues. I am designing in Illustrator. The paths are single lines. and the are aligned to center in Stroke, But the GF always cuts twice, it goes over it once, then over it again.
How can I stop this?

It looks like you’re doing things right. Can you share a sample file you’re having trouble with and I’ll have a look?


I saw your other message on this. You did not need to do an outline path on those figures, that just created a double outline which is giving you the two-pass cutting.

In the original figures, all you needed to do in the Glowforge interface is change the Engrave operation to a cut. Closed figures that are uploaded will default to an engrave.



I uploaded it below.
I have the red as cut and the black as engrave. but it always seems to cut the red twice. I have it as .001 stroke with center aligned and 255 red.

That is quite clearly defined as a double-path, and why the machine is operating as commanded.


I can’t help as to how to not do that in AI, I use Inkscape.

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I took a look in Illustrator, and however your control shape was drawn gave you a strangely constructed path.

It definitely has double lines as @elfguy pointed out.

It wasn’t obvious how to fix that path, and seemed easier to re-draw it.

You might find it helpful to watch some basic illustrator tutorials on how to draw shapes to avoid getting these weird paths in the first place.

Here is me poking around trying to fix it:

And here’s my redrawn version if that’s helpful:

Best of luck!

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