Cutting Wax?

Curious if anybody is ever laser cut thin sheets of Wax. My thinking is that if I design and cut in wax I could then use that for lost wax casting. Thoughts?
Thank you everyone so much in this community as well you guys are always deeply helpful


Given many years working with dozens of jewelry wax formulas I would be very surprised if the did not melt back together or otherwise run as I have seen even in proofgrade acrylics where enough to cut through is enough to melt back together.

The key to lost wax casting is ash. If there is any ash it will cause pits in the casting. Even so many folk either ignore the pits or sometimes create someplace for the ash to go that can be sawn off as the piece is finished and thus cast scorpions, orchids, bugs, leaves etc. Others make molds and put wax in those to cast.

If you want to cut your design with the laser you might try burning various materials to see what white ash they leave behind. You might find that basswood, poplar, or even acrylic may take a longer burnout but still work even if you add wax after the laser cutting


Really appreciate the advice!

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I wonder if you could place something absorbent under the wax sheet. That way when the wax melted it would wick the melted wax away from the cut and leave a clean cut behind. Sadly, kitchen roll is the first thing that comes to mind and wax, paper and lasers just sound like candles gone crazy!

It would not matter if it was ceramic paper that would not burn, it would still be like more oil lamp than candle gone crazy,

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