Cutting XLPE closed cell foam



I craft contact-safe weapons for live action games, and would like to be able to cut detail pieces for weapons I would like to make. Anyone know about cutting XLPE closed cell foam?

I figure I would need to defocus a bit to avoid it cutting and resealing, but I’m more concerned about safety and not destroying my cutter. Related would be cutting ‘fun foam’

Thanks in advance.


A quick Google tells me that polyethylene “melts badly.” What that says to me is that Glowforge’s low super powers need to be tested on it, but it should be safe.




If you search foam in the forum, you will find several posts about cutting fun foam as well as a few others…I cut fun foam as well as the thicker 1/2" floor mats all the time…


I’ve cut Fun Foam before, I thought Fun foam was EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate).

I’ve cut polyethylene before, it’s terrible. I haven’t tried the cross-linked foam though. If it cuts well it looks like it would be fun to try.

I have heard Worbola cuts well.