Cutting XLPE closed cell foam

I craft contact-safe weapons for live action games, and would like to be able to cut detail pieces for weapons I would like to make. Anyone know about cutting XLPE closed cell foam?

I figure I would need to defocus a bit to avoid it cutting and resealing, but I’m more concerned about safety and not destroying my cutter. Related would be cutting ‘fun foam’

Thanks in advance.


A quick Google tells me that polyethylene “melts badly.” What that says to me is that Glowforge’s low super powers need to be tested on it, but it should be safe.



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If you search foam in the forum, you will find several posts about cutting fun foam as well as a few others…I cut fun foam as well as the thicker 1/2" floor mats all the time…


I’ve cut Fun Foam before, I thought Fun foam was EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate).

I’ve cut polyethylene before, it’s terrible. I haven’t tried the cross-linked foam though. If it cuts well it looks like it would be fun to try.

I have heard Worbola cuts well.