Cutwork Scroll

I am so thrilled with how this came out!

650/65/225lpi on 230gsm Pergamenata (heavy weight, from John Neal Books)
This is 8x10 and took 1:11:00

Design from: Lace Book of Marie de’ Medici

Not a bit of char on the back either :slight_smile:

Settings saved into:


It’s gorgeous! I’m going to move it over to Beyond the Manual, though, since we’re not supposed to discuss settings for non-PG stuff anywhere else. :slight_smile:

How long was the run?


Nothing in the “Made on Glowforge” category states it’s got to be proofgrade…why do you think that?

It isn’t the material… it’s the settings.

Gorgeous work!
Nicely done.
Thank you for sharing.

It’s great work.

It should be said that I appreciate the settings, so what if it isn’t in made on a Glowforge. It was nice of you to share the info.


It’s a forum rule (see the section on safety in the FAQ). Originally, the “friendly neighborhood lawyers (FNLs)” had decreed that there could be NO discussion of settings used for non-proofgrade materials, but @dan got them to agree to let us have one forum area where we can talk about them, and they loaded it up with disclaimers to limit the company’s legal liability.

We users actually really appreciate it when someone nails down settings and shares them with us. But in order not to lose our ability to share them in the forums at all, we have to keep them contained in BTM.


Is that one hour and eleven minutes? :sunglasses:

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Really pretty. What is the weight of the paper?

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OP said 230 GSM?


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Oh hey this is handy:

Apparently that’s 85 lb paper equivalent, if this calculator is to be believed.


That’s… wow

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That seems reasonable. It’s the closest thing to vellum you can get in paper. I use it for painting medieval style illuminated manuscripts. Gorgeous stuff :slight_smile:

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Got it. They should add that to the description: “Made on Glowforge Proofgrade” cuz I did look around quite a bit prior to posting and didn’t find that information
Hey @dan ?

Post all the non-pg materials stuff you like, it’s the settings that were the problem.

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Like @geek2nurse said, it was in the FAQ, which is linked in the hamburger menu on every page of the forum. Here’s the link if you missed it:

It says a lot of things, but specifically to this topic: (emphasis mine)

If you would like information on operation beyond what is covered by the manual, you may discuss it in the “Beyond the Manual” section, and only in that section. Note that that section of the forum may contain information that is incorrect and may violate your warranty, damage your Glowforge, and cause injury or death. That is the only place for discussion of topics like:

  • Manual settings for materials
  • Modifying your Glowforge unit
  • Third party add-ons

I also didn’t look at the FAQ until quite a while after I started using the forums, so I get where you’re coming from – I thought I had looked around a lot at first, too.

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Was this with engrave setting?

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