One of the things that impressed me about the GF spec was its adaptive focus, which allows it engrave rounded objects. They show the example of engraving the rounded edges of a metal laptop. But, I’m more interested in the ability to engrave on cylinders. I’ve seen some interesting engraving on pens with rotary laser engravers. Obviously, GF doesn’t use a rotary gimble, but I am interested in knowing the extent of its cylinder engraving capability.

What is the limit of this?

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It has been suggested previously that you should first make a spacer or jig so it doesn’t roll around. Then have your 360° image chopped up and do just a section at a time, rotate, and repeat. 1/3 or 1/4 at a time i believe was the recommendation.

Until the machine ships and someone tries it, it’s just a “theoretically should work” status right now.