D&D initiative tracker

Permanent plates for our party, plus some stand-ins for enemies. I need to make some acrylic plates for dry/wet erase markers as well.


Nicely done - I realized after I made mine that it doesn’t actually matter what number they are as long as you have them in the right order :slight_smile: We just get so focused on the numbers!

Yours is much prettier!

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Looks great! I like the idea of having dry erase ones. You should also cut some rings to fit around bases to know which one is Bad Guy #1, etc (assuming you are using miniatures).

Oh, that’s a good idea. I have made base huggers in the past, but never thought about them for initiative.


Those look really nice!

I know I often ask my DM, which one is monster 3 again? Which one is going next?

So having a way to quickly identify which is which would be great.

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