D&D Relief Map



NOTE: This was not made on a Glowforge (I do not have one yet). It was made at my local maker-space.

My son is getting into D&D and he just recently got his own room. I wanted to make him something he can hang on his wall. I found a D&D map that I really like online, and then processed it within Inkscape. I split it into 6 different layers. Most of the layers had 3 settings (raster, score, cut).

I cut it into Baltic birch plywood and stained the different layers with different wood stains.

Here are a few pictures with some close-ups.

I’m pleased with how it came out, and my son really liked it. Now I just have to figure out how to make a frame for it.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017

Oh my! Now that really is gorgeous! (My brother would love to have that…he was big into D&D with the high school gang, and they still gather up at Christmas time for a round.)

You should sell that design…if you can. (licensing and all)


Aw man, that’s epic.


Outstanding. Such a good idea. I’m an active Pathfinder gamer and this is and amazing gift idea for friends. I’ll be stealing this one. :slight_smile:


This is absolutely amazing. I’m planning a new D&D campaign and this gave me a ton of ideas.


For a frame, I would suggest designing it a little extra tall, with a raised lip on the bottom bar. Then you push the map in, and let it drop down into place. With a small thumb sized opening in the middle of the bottom bar, you can reach in and lift out the map to actually use it (or just show it off to onlookers)


Hey where did you find that penny? Did you just keep one around for size reference in your pictures?


Penny? There’s no penny in the pictures that I posted. There is a round reddish circle in the center of the design. It’s closer to the size of a quarter though.

The whole thing is slightly smaller than 20" x 12" (which is a size I chose so that I could cut it with an eventual GF).


That is so, so cool. One thing my boys want to do with our :glowforge: is to make some stuff for their D&D / Pathfinder groups.


Looks fantastic!


I know nothing about D&D but I sure do like this. Outstanding!


Out of curiosity which maker space?


Ottawa Public Library (Imagine Space at the Nepean Centerpoint Branch). They have 2 laser-cutters you can use for free (but they are hard to book).


That looks fantastic!
I’m currently on a hiatus from D&D until a certain little one lets me sleep more. My D&D group is currently playing a side campaign. They are a group of friendly (to us) Kobolds that we released in the catacombs under Neverwinter. :grin:


Now that is a job well done!! Transforming some of my board games is one of the things I look forward to the most (in addition to organizing all my drawers)!!


Wow…I’m speechless…that came out fantastic!!!


That’s incredible!


Very well done. These are just the kind of things that keep us coming back. (And checking the calendar…)


That is awesome. Doing classic dungeons like that would be amazing.
Or like all the levels of Undermountain.


If you have any suggestions for classic maps that I could do, please send them my way. I looked at Undermountain, they look awesomely detailed. It would take many hours to make those maps.