Dal Tile

I picked up some 4x4 Dal tiles from ReStore a while ago and engraved one with settings I found here, Playing with Tile

I like the way it looks for this particular project, but am I just burning the heck out of it (300/full)? I like the colored tiles others have posted; should I lower the power or up the speed to get an engrave that will take ink?tile


Looks like a nice even effect. Maybe that’s the way that particular tile engraves? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like the look!

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Interesting look. I do hope the sign is near the swimming beach on the lake. We only have a river in the neighborhood but often suggest folks drop in. :wink:

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Yeah, those settings kind of glaze the surface on solid black areas. Rather than changing the settings, you might want to lighten the image and use the “convert to dots” setting for grayscale. Just try a few variations until you find something you like. The same settings were used on all three tiles in the post you referenced. The dark one was a very dark image, the dragon eye was a grayscale image with a lot of variation in the lights and darks.

I hope this helps.

Yes this helps, thanks!

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What’s a dal tile? Looks good!

It’s the manufacturer of the tile. If you look at the back of the tile it says “DAL TILE.” I got 9 of them for $1

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