Damage/loss to shipping materials (GF is fine)

Happy owner with a fully-functional machine.

The shipping box was damaged, three out of four handles missing and both inner and outer boxes torn so that replacement handles could not be installed if needed.

I don’t expect this to be replaced right now, but I am concerned about having to pay for replacement shipping materials if there was ever a need to send it back. I did search, and a similar question was answered here stating that they would ensure the owner wouldn’t have to pay for replacement shipping materials if needed. Thread closed.

That’s a perfectly acceptable response, but I know I’m not alone, and without a way to “register” our issue, how can we be sure we won’t be required to pay for new shipping materials if needed?

I would have sent this as an email, but (as I’m not alone) think many people would benefit from this discussion.

Thanks for an awesome product, Team GF!


I was missing 1 handle and now I’m missing 2 :wink: having put the whole thing in the attic over the garage. Support did say that for the box, the handles weren’t critical when shipping back - to just use tape. I’d go with that nylon reinforced stuff vs standard packing tape but as long as the cardboard stays around it, it’s really all that foam that keeps the thing from getting damaged.


Just received one with 4 missing handles. Going to ship the old unit back in that new box. I’ll be taping the edges of the box all the way around and using strapping tape where needed. I might put some tape in the handle holes but it won’t be for structure and won’t be needed. Anything to get it back in one piece.

When a box is used to send a unit back for warranty work I’m betting GF would only reuse your box for the return trip if it is structurally sound. Thinking few of the boxes are going to hold up against 3 trips.


Excellent question, especially for those who anticipate returning the machine for tube replacement.

Having moved expensive home furnishings for decades, I can tell you when a warehouseman or driver is tasked with moving weight around, the first thing you look for is a handle. Those on the GF box shout ‘Grab Me’.
Since they are not designed for dragging the entire weight of the package, some of that plastic banding would help a lot, maybe go so far as to provide a loop in it as a handle… as well as fiberglass reinforced tape to seal the box.
I know the company is not interested in increasing their shipping expense unless absolutely necessary.

I think what happens is the tab that you use to insert the handle and spread the flap, or contrarily flip up to allow the flaps to compress and the handle to be removed gets caught on things and either torn off or the whole handle tears out.

Not sure they’re actually supposed to be handles vs. just a mechanism to hold the top & bottom boxes together but if they weren’t supposed to be used as handles, then they should have been smaller & more of them. They’re definitely sized to be grabbed by hands.

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Thanks for letting us know about this. I’m glad your Glowforge arrived safely!

I’ve made a note about the handles. In the unlikely case that you need to use the box for a warranty issue, please tape up the box and let us know.

I’m going to close this thread–if you have any other questions, go ahead and post a new topic or email support@glowforge.com.