Damaged Delivery Box shipped through UPS

A few days ago, after receiving my $7,000 Glowforge kit I sent this email to the “Hello” Glowforge address but no response. As you can see in the photos, my email was as a result of the badly damaged packaging when I received this very expensive unit. My concern is that I may be starting off with a damaged Glowforge Pro which cost me over $7,000. I need to have some confirmation that a new replacement unit will be sent or if I am stuck taking my chances by opening this box. What are my options?

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Mine was somewhat damaged when i got it but it wasn’t affected. When i opened the box, it’s well protected. You have a warranty so if something goes wrong, they will take it back.


Thanks for the quick response. I think you’re right so I should be good so will at least examine it.

You have documented the condition that the box was in, so I think you should set about setting up your Glowforge since they are quite well packed and probably survived the rough handling by UPS. By the way, the listed price for a Glowforge pro is 5995, so if you paid Glowforge more than 7000 something is off.


I’d ask for a new box! (If you have to return it for any reason, they’ll ask you to use the box it came in. )

Dklgood… Unfortunately, I don’t live in a tax free state and I purchased the $995 filter which will not work alone without the Glowforge so it was $7,400!

You can just tape the heck out of a damaged box to send them back. Probably most everyone who has received one has had a damaged box. Support is aware of many of them. It’s the inside packing that prevents most damage


Have fun when you get it all set up!Really a shame that you can’t vent your GF out instead…would have saved you a lot of bucks!

Yes, I finally opened the box and it looks perfect so far. Thank you.

Thanks again. Expecting the vent within the next day or so then will be ready.

support@glowforge.com might work better :slight_smile:

So the glowforge pro was not $7k, just to clarify and make sure we are all on the same page :slight_smile: I don’t live in a tax free state either.

Thank you

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Most of us have received machine at one point that the box had at least some damage. I just had a repair that they only had one person deliver it so they could not carry it properly .

The good news is that Glowforge, with all the experience of poor shipping, has improved the packing so most survive in spite of the shipping adventures. So you might want a box replacement but hopefully the machine will be ok.

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UPS is absolutely horrible when it comes to delivering theses machines. I had issues as well they left it at the bottom of the 3 steps that lead to my covered porch on its side exposed to the elements and insects with the name Glowforge facing outward so that everyone who passed by could read I had an expensive laser cutter and it sat there for several hours until my wife got up for work and was able to cover it up until I got home. Thankfully they pack these machines to withstand a drop off a building so everything in the box was fine. I had reached out to Glowforge and they were in continued contact with me until I had it up and running with no issues. Stick around long enough and yours won’t be the only story you hear about how horrible UPS is.


Erik, Thank you for the additional information. I finally opened the box and the internal packaging was in perfect condition. I can wait to fire it up in a day or so. Thank you again.

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You’re welcome. Good luck you will wish you bought it sooner. :grinning:

I’m relieved to hear it. Happy printing!

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