Damaged parts received

This post is being made only to provide pictures for Glowforge Support.


WOW! truly wow!

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Wow, indeed.

Glowforge support does not monitor this forum any longer.


I’ve already sent an email regarding the issue, only posting the pics here because it was easier than multi-stepping from my phone to my computer. :slight_smile:


I have to say this is a bit embarrassing for Glowforge inc, not because stuff doesn’t happen
its that quality assurance @ Glowforge has almost disappeared.

(as reading the forums as of late has revealed)

well, one thing is for sure, the parts received in this shipment are markedly different than previous shipments, almost as if they’ve changed suppliers. :expressionless:


I would bet on it.

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Makes you wonder how many people have received new machines with these parts…


Man, just how hard could it be to make a little “wheel” like that.



Right? Considering the cost of that tiny amount of material, why?

Considering the several times this has happened, I would guess it is not so simple.


The bad part is that I’ve 3D printed spares in the past, and at no time did I have any issues with parts cracking or bearings falling out. :expressionless:

Truthfully, I’m really lucky to have found these defects because most of the time I just dump all the parts into storage bins, without inspecting them. The only reason I did this time was that one of the bearings fell out while I was moving them from the bags to a small bin, and I said to myself, “That can’t be good…” :expressionless:


I used to be the QC department for Hougen Manufacturing’s MAG drills.

that was a serious piece of machinery. a tiny wheel should not be that difficult.

ya it would certainly appear so.

well at least you didn’t get to the point when you tried to install them and THEN figure it out.

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small comfort.

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are there two bearings in there stacked? I cannot tell for sure, from the picture. Seems like it. I wonder if they are shifting out of alignment and that is causing the failure.

Yes, the piece uses a pair of stacked bearings but its not likely that there’s any shifting going on, the remainder of the shipment are in good condition. These appear to have been a little too close in tolerance, could be a batch of bearings that are oversized, could be that the wheel opening is undersized.

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seems very likely. I was just wondering if they could shift at the end of manufacturing process starting the “crack”.

oversize/undersize seems more likely as how much could they slide out of alignment in the first place. :slight_smile:

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