Dangling Snowflake Ornament - redux

Somehow I find myself with one day until I go on vacation for the year and I have procrastinated til the very last minute to get a gift for my boss. Whoops! Guess I just make one!

Gratefully, I was inspired by last year’s snowflake design and tutorial by @ebrennan ( https://community.glowforge.com/t/christmas-ornaments-tutorial/104861 ) I updated the text and linked two non-engraved snowflakes with some spare chain I had laying around and a ribbon hanger. I think it turned out great with the time limit!

Here’s my version of the files (really credit needs to go to ebrennan with different text and then I did two new ones with holes on each end).


As far as materials, I used a lovely iridescent acrylic from Iridescent Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet . One of these days I’ll get around to making soap bubble charms, which is what I would love to make out of this gorgeous stuff, photographs just don’t do it justice!


Nicely done. Thanks for the share!


Thank you for the share!


You are right – the iridescent acrylic makes a perfect snowflake!

I think it turned out great with the time limit!

This turned out lovely, and probably because of the time limit! I hope it gets hung on your boss’s rearview mirror so they can appreciate it for the rest of the winter!


Very pretty


Ooohh, very nice!!

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Great job and thanks for the share!