Daredevil in Acrylic



Tweaked a great image of Daredevil by artist Phil Cho and etched it into acrylic to experiment with LED lighted designs.


Awesome results! (And love the line art too. Thanks for posting the original artist so we can find him!) :grinning:


That turned out great! Love how the intensity of the light contributes to the illusion of depth.


I sent a pic to the artist and his response was “Woah, that is awesome!!”.


Who knows, he just might decide he needs a Glowie! :grin::wink:


Looks super!


Very nice. The LED lights are going to be a lot of fun!


Yeah - The LED stand is fun. I also made some acrylic coasters that also work as LED lights.


These look amazing!!!


Love the idea of switching them out. :grinning:


Love it!

Does you (or anyone else for that matter) have any advice on where the best place is to get LED stands like you use?


I just spent the $13 bucks on Amazon


Daredevil is my favorite superhero at the moment. Really like the Netflix version. The Defenders is just too short. Need moar Daredevil! This is a great version and excellent design used to great effect with the edge light.


Here you go!




Those really light up beautifully. Did you just use default proofgrade settings for your cutting and engraving?


I bought one to check it out, and then sprung for the dozen deal.

Made night lights for my Granddaughters…

Figured I can just send them new plug-ins (seasonal, birthdays etc.) as their interests evolve.


You can also buy the LED strips and make your own. If you scroll thru this post there’s a link for a supplier for the LED strips with a remote.


Regarding lighting acrylic engraving, notice the intensity closest to the light source in the Dare Devil…