Made my 1st LED Base


I’m not so thrilled with the acrylic part, but I’m proud of my first little LED base. I’m doing to add one more layer to make it a bit more substantial, but pretty happy with the first effort at least. :slight_smile:

Daredevil in Acrylic
Edge lit acrylic question
Prusa 3D printer and Glowforge laser working together: Edge Lit Acrylic

It’s gorgeous! Can’t get enough of these LED acrylic lamps.


Very nice! Both the acrylic and the base! I love that you shaped the acrylic to your artwork. I like to do that, too, in many cases.

Is that a layer of frosted acrylic sandwiched in there?
Do you have any pictures of the build?
What LED strip did you use? How’s the color controlled?


I like that translucent acrylic in the base! (Puts out a lot more even light across the whole lamp.)

Looks fantastic! :grinning:


I, too, would like to know what led base you used. I’m always looking for different alternatives.


So elegant! Nicely done.


No, just engrave one piece of PG clear acrylic. The file contains gradients (the dog) and small detail so it actually doesn’t translate was well into acrylic. I knew that going in though.

These are the LED strips I used. The connection is kinda bulky at the end and I made my own very basic LED base to accommodate the wires. I wanted the connection to come out of the back so I just folded the wires at a right angle and sandwiched them between the wood and acrylic in the base. Next time I’d add one more level to the base to bulk it up a bit.

SVG file


Wow, nicely done!


This is so elegant. Love the lines and composition. And the layer of acrylic in the base is very clever. Great idea. I like the engraving and can’t really see anything wrong at first glance, but there is so much going on you could really do some nice depth work with this.


Well done. Love the acrylic in the base :slight_smile:


Very nice!
One thing to bear in mind designing these, notice how bright it is at the bottom, and the reduced light at the top. The lower engrave slightly shades the engrave above it. When possible, start shallow at the bottom and go deeper as you go up. With 1/4" material there is enough thickness to do that effectively.
Of course not all designs are going to lent themselves to that method, just something to bear in mind when designing.
I love the edge lit stuff, and that is beautiful! :sunglasses:


Wow! That is so cool! Thank you for the link, the product info and the demo!


Another great project! Thanks for including pics of the base - I haven’t made any LED base lit things like these before and every little bit of info helps. :grinning:


(I’m definitely going to keep that in mind.) :metal: