Dark bed/crumbtray view

Had my glowforge pro not even a year & I JUST came across this issue. For some reason the lights light up as they should but shows on my computer super dim. I can hardly see my blanks or they seem blurry. When I engrave, they are off compared to what they show on the computer screen.

I have cleaned my lens, tried to add more lighting, checked if all of the attachments are properly attached, & also re-started my glowforge, app & computer. PLEASE HELP !!

I can usually see my crumb tray perfectly without anything on there … now it just looks like it’s off when it’s actually on.

The view on your PC is a new image each time you refresh - so if your lights are on, then it should be viewable. What happens if you put a piece of white paper on there?
Can you take a screenshot? It’s possible that some of the LEDs have failed, but not all of them?

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A photo of my crumb tray with something on the darker end.

a photo with something lighter.

my crumb tray with nothing on it & when I first started it up. (before this issue, I was able to see my crumb tray A LOT better than this. This just looks like it’s off.)

& with a piece of white paper.

What happens when you select a material and after wiping the lid camera lens? Also, what kind of light is in the room housing the Glowforge?

After selecting the material & re-setting the focus AND even after manually setting the thickness… it’s all still super dim. It wasn’t this dim before.

& the room is well lit. No changes in room lighting either…

Any chance someone turned down the brightness on your monitor? That you can see the material clearly would indicate that the camera is working…

and yours looks about the same as mine

All the photos I posted were screen shots on my computer. But I did double check the brightness on my computer & there was no change on my computer or the view on my GF. It’s still super dim…

Yup - as was mine. As I said, I don’t believe what you’re seeing now is outside the norm, at least as it compares to mine.

I would guess a change in your computer or the room light is responsible for any perceived differences. If you want it back to being how you remember it you’re going to want to focus on changes to your environment rather than internal to the :glowforge:

That’s the thing, there were no changes made on my computer & environment. All of a sudden the view changed & nothing was lining up as it should be.

Can you show us examples of what you mean? Place a piece of PG material in the bed and select the Gift of Good Measure from your dashboard. Take a screenshot just after you hit print - and then take another screenshot after it’s completed. The first item you’re showing looks like it’s quite thick - so if your Set Focus is falling off the edge then that would explain a misplaced piece. That’s not an issue with PG and the Gift of Good Measure.

Any chance you have any old images of what you remember your bed looking like? Since what you’re seeing now seems to be a typical view, it’s hard to see what might be off there.

Hi @rhayzavalentine. I got your email, and saw this forum post regarding the dark printer bed after the focuser is run for prints. I just sent a response to your email, and wanted to follow up in this thread to make sure you got it. To avoid any potential confusion with multiple threads, I’d like to consolidate everything to a single thread. Would you let me know if you’d prefer working through the forums or would you prefer through your email?

Also, I saw this was mentioned by a fellow Glowforge owner, and wanted to echo that request. Could you take a screenshot of the Glowforge App with the Gift of Good Measure Design loaded with Proofgrade material in the printer? After the design is loaded, go ahead and run the print and take a screenshot of the Glowforge App once the print has finished and the bed image refreshes.

I’ll look forward to any updates. Thank you!

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