Dark Bed Picture

Hello, I turned my glowforge on a little bit ago to engrave a watch band and realized that the bed image is much darker than normal, usually I can easily see what I am about to engrave onto but at this rate it almost feels like I need to squint to see. I checked the camera lens and wiped it and the other lenses with a Zeiss wipe and also tried refreshing the bed image with no avail. The LEDs all seem to be working.

Have you tried adjusting the screen brightness on your computer?


Try turning the GF off for a minute or two and turn it back on. Not sure what’s going on but worth a shot.


I checked my brightness to see if that was the problem and my brightness was maxed. I dont understand what would have caused the bed to appear so much darker than before.

I’ve turned it on today and it still appears to be darkened. I tried a suggestion of another post to refresh the bed image and that didn’t help either. I’m hoping the team will be able to check my logs soon and see if anything is amiss there.

Hello @aidaniram222.

Thank you for reaching out to us. I think the lid image darkness is due to all of the dark surfaces not providing much reflection of the LED light. You have a dark watch band placed directly on the black crumb tray, with no other material around it or a light colored masking in place.

I did review the logs from your Glowforge and I noticed that when you place larger material in the bed, like a sheet of Proofgrade material, the bed images are much brighter. I also saw a print you ran of a lighter colored watch band and the lid image looked good.

I did not see any errors in your Glowforge logs, which is great news! I hope this helps put your mind at ease.

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It is very good to know that there were no errors! I was apparently having a day and the problem is fixed now, Thanks so much for your help and to everyone else as well!

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I’m glad to hear everything is good now. That is great news!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out again should you need anything. We’re happy to help!

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