Darken image?

I am not a skilled designer and trying to figure somethings out… wondering if you all can help. I have an SVG image i am uploading but it is barely showing up when i print. I have tried adjusting the settings but i am guessing either the image is not dark enough to begin with or i am not putting in the correct settings… any good designers out there that can offer advice?

Well you don’t mention what material you are using or if you are trying to engrave or score. Is it a picture you are trying to engrave? If it isn’t proof grade material have you tried a setting for something similar?


As stated above, your settings are determined by the material you are cutting/scoring/engraving. Here is some information regarding using your own settings if you aren’t using Proofgrade settings.


Sorry, yes I’m using proofgrade. Right now I’m just trying to engrave a vector image and I’ve tried mimicking settings to another piece but it’s not doing the trick.

You darken an engrave by slowing down the laser, or increasing power. In some cases you can do more than one pass - but in 5 years, I have never done that.

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Did you read the link I posted yesterday from the Glowforge manual regarding working with manual mode? It explains power/speed/lpi.

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i had not seen that! so much info… thank you

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