Dashboard and Smart Folders are not working as I expect

I am having several different problems. I have tried in Firefox and Brave.
I didn’t see these types of problems when I searched the forum.

I created some new folders to further sort My Designs. I dragged and dropped designs into the appropriate new folder. But not all of them ended up in the right new folder - some are in the wrong new folder. Moving them to the correct folder and right click removing them from the incorrect folder works, but it would be nicer if it worked correctly the first time.

When I try to scroll through all of the designs to find the ones I want to sort out to print, new designs either delay popping up, or fail to show up completely. After 30 min or so if they are going to load they should show up, Right? I have refreshed the page (Lots!) and I have sorted My Designs various different ways to get to as many as I can, but I still can’t see all of them.

Whenever I grab a design from the “Main Pool of My Designs” and drop it in a folder, the whole page reloads and I have to scroll through all of the designs, pausing as I go, to hopefully get all the way back to where I was.

So is this just me? Is it something that I am doing wrong? Is there a workaround? Do I need to contact support?


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It’s not just you. Report these to support.

Folders are very glitchy and poorly implemented.

I’ll note, the recommended browser is Chrome, although many use Firefox. I’ve never heard of Brave.


Unfortunately there is a Boat Load of issues with the New Smart Folders.

First you have to watch the bottom of the screen for a black banner letting you know the Folder has actually copied.

Second You have to sometimes try it several times dragging the folder over , its very hit and miss.
One trick I learned was to open the Design , close the design, the Drag the design over other Smart Folder in a downward direction and this would get me the Banner letting me know the design transferred over.

After you have spent hours of your life practicing the Glow forge Festival of Ritual and endless Refreshing after each transfer to double check your design is in the folder you to will be part of the elite glowforge way.

This leads me to how do you see your designs in the Smart Folder, and this is were the Ritual of Refreshing very quickly comes into play, you want to refresh wait 2 seconds and than Refresh again quickly and your designs will show up but not all of them so one more quick refresh and BOOM SNAP CRACKLE they will appear , Its really heavenly when you see them all after you think there all gone.

I am making a video of the Glowforge Rituals as we speak and for $29.95 every month will let you in on the secrets of the Glowbug and how to get it to sing to you the glowforge way.

I am releasing the Glowforge Song soon as well, called Refresh your life .
I do hope an update comes soon, and good luck .


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