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Not sure how to call this or where to put it so trying here.

At the top of the dashboard page, there is a header where either there is a link to something or a tutorial of some sort. Yesterday there was one for making earrings and I was going to go back to it today but there is something else there now. Is there a way to get to past things like the earrings from yesterday?

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I think it will change every day and it doesn’t appear there is any way to go back. But searching for earrings on that page might help. It’ll list out items in the catalog that reference earrings.


thank you for the reply. It was an instruction tutorial on how to make them. I have made some before but wanted to see if what they did was easier.

I’d email support. They get paid to answer these sorts of things, we’re just amateurs. :slight_smile:


You can search for things you’ve seen:

First type in your keyword (I would normally never type in just “earrings” because - too many results! lol but this is just an example. Enter more keywords if you can)
Then click on the “filter” icon (top right of this screenshot)

It will take you to this screen and you can click on Only return topics/posts… I read

That might help you find something.
Sometimes it’s hard to search with just the right keywords, so I would try a couple of different wordings if the first attempt is not successful.


Thank you!

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