Dashboard limit?

Hello, Is there a limit to how many files you can upload to your dashboard? Things were uploading fine until the last few. Thanks!

Update: Glowforge couldn’t fix it but they were able to re-upload that file to my dashboard last night which was more than I could do on my end so I’m good to go now. Thanks everyone!

There is no limit.

Thank you! I’ll have to try to troubleshoot then. Thought I had figured it out. Much appreciated!

Try clearing your browser cache or use a different browser.

Ok! Thank you!

One thing to remember, if you aren’t subscribed to Premium, your designs will be deleted off your dashboard after 30 days so make sure you keep a copy on your PC.

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While there is no limit, it gets awfully messy in there eventually!

Folders would be a good idea! Has anyone suggested that yet?


:rofl: :grin:


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