Dashboard not fully loading

My designs in the dashboard are not loading all the way. Is there a setting that might be off or other people having this issue as well ?

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Do you mean that some of your designs are not in the Dashboard or that the Dashboard seems to only partially load? Perhaps clear your cache and/or try a different browser.


Dashboard is only partial loading The 1st half of my files load but the older files are not loading I’ve tried my tablet and my computer and they Both load to the same spot

I am not up on the latest ramifications of Glowforge policies, but could the issue of “not keeping old files” available be at play?

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If you are not paying for the premium subscription, files not accessed in 30 days are automatically deleted.


Try sorting oldest to newest.

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I do pay for premium That’s why it’s confusing me But I’ve tried all of the suggestions and it’s still not loading all of them but Sorting it from oldest to newest Has got me to the file that I’m looking for I can handle that I appreciate your help if anybody can think of anything else to try that would be Awesome But overall at the moment I am happy I am happy with the file that I could not find thanks


I don’t pay for premium, I’m kind of “grandfathered in” being one of the original supporters, but I just checked and have a design from 2018. I don’t use the dashboard for the most part, but I have a few on there. I have had them delete stuff randomly. Just store everything locally and upload when needed.