Dashboard not starting up?

HI, so I’ve started my GF up after a very long time and for some reason the dashboard is not starting up… anyone know what could be the matter? Thanks


Mine isn’t up either. The app.glowforge.com site might be down? Their website looks funky as well.

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The app must be down - I’ve been trying for an hour to get it to load so I can process orders but no luck. Ugh. Website is also not loading correctly.

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Same here. Tried 3 different browsers. I’ve got tons of orders to get done and this is happening :frowning:

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I just looked and mine is up

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Thanks guys, mines still not up. Il have to check later.

It’s not loading properly for me.

Nor is glowforge.com. Strangely, https://statuspage.glowforge.com/ thinks it’s up. I bet we’ll get some action on this as more people comment.

I can’t log in to the app either :frowning:

Same, tried Chrome and Firefox. Nada.

time to break out the chisel guys who is with me lol.

That’s because it’s mostly loading, in terms of serving a page. But whatever else that usually runs, isn’t. It’s only useful for seeing if there’s a page, not if that page is what we want.

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Down for me too! Horrible timing! UGH!!

mine is down as well. I wanted to comment so they can see the problem and fix it. I restarted my computer and everything and still same problem.

Same issue here.

Mine is down as well. Tried Chrome and Firefox.

So this is really strange, but I’m getting same as everybody else on Safari on iPad, but Chrome (on iPad) is working fine. Seems like it’s a browser issue or maybe a certificate issue.

Ditto… Down for me!

And now we all get to experience the Wondrous benefit of a machine totally dependent on a Cloud infrastructure :frowning:

Tried safari, chrome, and firefox. No dice. Using a mac. WEIRD. Just parallelled and tried Internet Explorer- works from THAT browser.

Totally working now if I parallel boot Windows 10 and use internet explorer on my mac. All mac browsers: no luck.

I wonder if this is related to their ‘scheduled’ maintenance they completed yesterday?

Too bad their Status page does not reflect the app as being down for many…

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