Dashboard SLOW loading

My app is slow loading, uploading, gives me the “wait or exit box”. I’ve restarted computer/machine/wifi, cleared cache, tried new browser, tried my phone & ipad. Absolutely nothing has changed like location, electronics, wifi, or anything else. I’m able to cut, engrave, etc but the loading, uploading design process takes hours now.

Is it the same when you attempt the gift of good measure?


I read this and it hit me something I hadn’t tried. You mentioned Gift of Good Measure which is a GF file. I tried one of those I had on my dashboard and it loaded lickity split. Then I tried another file I had purchased off Etsy (not the one with the problem) and it loaded lickity split. Which means the file I’m trying to do must “have issues”. Thanks for your assistance and helping me “see the light”.


Welcome to the community!
If you wanted to upload the file here there are a lot of clever people here who could help diagnose the file.

The forum here is an invaluable source of help and information.
Enjoy your adventure!


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