Day 1 adventure

So Today I fired up my new baby DrragonForge (Scots burr is appropriate in aid correct pronunciation!) for the first time. After waiting 2…3… years, my anticipation of making was countered by fear of things not working, its broken, faulty… insert your fear here. And of course, it begins with difficulty pairing my wee beastie with my home net… much cursing ensued.
But finally connectivity exists! Happy happy joy joy!
First thing measuring keychain… cool.
Second, Snap box, import art no problem… place on box side no problems… except upside down! Doh! Oh well learning right? On to next Shoji lantern … wood part done, no problems but now where is the pattern for the acrylic panes? Part D in the construction instructions is not visible…
I’ve turned off everything to com back to it with acrylic in the bed… still not finding where to go to continue.

Thanks for the link Jules (you are awesomeness personified btw!)… I think part of the problem may be using my iPad - it’s the closest thing I could get to connect to DrragonForge. No buttons working :triumph: going to try from office Pc today… and see if I can figure out how to add pix to this post!

Would appreciate some help navigating this interface for moving rotating scaling plans etc


Congrats! :grinning:

If you use the back key to go back to the Dashboard, there should be a separate file listed for use with the acrylic. (They break them up into material used.)


Welcome to the grroup! You’re off to a fine start and nothing but fun is waiting, now.


An exciting Day 1! Now don’t forget to eat and sleep!


Welcome. And by the way, folks are always welcome to post pics of their first prints. Even if it is the gift of good measure. We never got tired of seeing the Founders Rulers.


image !]. what it’s supposed to look like


image Reality bites!


That first button push!


Hey, we’ve all done it at some point! If you hadn’t pointed it out we would never have known.

Have fun!


Just set it so the right-side-up side is showing :upside_down_face: I have some that are inside out as well.

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Coasters with glued on cork bottoms… still need to varnish / shellac/ protect the wood… any suggestions?


And in acrylic… put paint on the loons …before masking removed. Acrylic paint… should I protect it with some clear … acrylic?


Pencil box - may have to find a better glue than what’s in my studio… knocked it once and fell to pieces… fingers crossed for glue up #2!


And finally, the Shoji lamps… finally found file #2. I’m an idjut. And so ends Day 2 of Forging!


Your piece came out very well, much better than my attempts. You might find that one of those LED tea candles in the box would be nicer than the pencils.

You might also find that can help out where crossed fingers can do some real good.

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He’s talking about this box design site:

I like wood oils. Brings out the nature of the wood and food safe. “The Good Stuff” is one brand, and Tried and true.

If you have a Woodcraft store near you, they carry General Finishes, and might also consider a polyurethane in a gel. I was thinking if the materials are PG, then they are finished already and the oil would saturate the engraving, wipe off the finished parts.

Sorry was on a tablet and time-limited so could not link or show pictures. However, in frustration I started over and got this;
Note the many tiny crossed fingers :smile:


Oooooo! Looks like a handy site for boxes, just need to figure out how it works! Lol

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