Dead Laser

Laser not firing. Tube not lighting up.

Checked everything I’m supposed to according to forums.

  • Set to full power
  • cleaned lenses/windows/magnets
  • cleaned cable connection

Sent an email ticket, but no reply yet.

Glowforge is only 3 months old! Very frustrated!

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You should have gotten at least an auto reply, check your SPAM folder if not and ensure its marked safe/not SPAM so you get their next reply. Seems you’ve done most we could recommend here so they will have to check your logs and reply to your email with the next steps.

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Hi @scott.hanson. Thank you for reaching out to address this laser trouble. I received your email ticket, and just sent a response to the thread. To avoid any potential confusion, I’ll go ahead and close out this thread. I’ll look forward to your email response and working with you to get this resolved.

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