Dec 2016 Glowforge Q&A


A January 2017 update is sorely needed. I am not getting any work done, as I keep coming back here looking for an update.


Bad time to point out there are 27 more days to get that announcement into?

Also for out Dept to wait for our yearly budget. Crossing fingers for a full time position or two to be approved.


Seeing how the December update was on the 2nd, it has been over a month already. I figure people might not be back to work from vacation yet, and there might not be anything substantial to tell us yet. I don’t mind if there isn’t much progress. Selfishly I would like a quick update, so I can stop checking this page like a maniac.


The issue with nonspecific times:

Monthly - every 30 or so days
Monthly - once in a calendar month

The second one allows for a max of 62 days between updates.


I am not trying to be rigid, as I know “monthly” updates could mean nearly anything. Ill be happy when we get an update, because it is my favorite part of waiting.


In fairness, it’s reasonable to be antsy since for the most part the company has decided to favor the forum over email for news, and not everyone will want to come here daily.


I do. I learn so much from everyone here!


yes and that’s nice, but most customers definitely won’t. you’ll note i didn’t say everybody.


Well…there it is.