Dec 2016 Glowforge Q&A


You can’t cut the top off a car to make a convertible without modifying the chassis to compensate for loss of structural integrity. Cutting the bottom out of a Glowforge would introduce significant loss of rigidity. Bad JuJu. :japanese_goblin:
I know there are many here capable of accomplishing that mod including mysellf, but after witnessing the team struggle for a year to produce the best product they can, I am reluctant to cut this tweaked and tuned laser up even after warranty expiration.
There are some Chinese alternatives that require adjustment by default. Personally, hacking one of those makes more sense to me.


And there was never a convertible that drove as well as the original car that spawned it.


Eh. As a guy on his 4th convertible, I gotta say I wouldn’t ever want to go back. :slight_smile:

That said, I’ll wait until somebody more daring than I does it successfully before I consider modding my case. But I’m definitely not opposed to it. Especially for rotating round/cylindrical objects.

  • Tom


I wonder if the head can be lifted instead by making an extension with matching magnets and then running with the lid open. Safety glasses needed of course.


Or make a right angle adapter that directs it forwards.


Hadn’t thought +Z. I think there simply wouldn’t be room. But going down you’d have as much room as you desire. Assuming, of course, that 1 of the 2,000,000 sensors built-in won’t detect that breach and terminate laser function.


@dan I’m thinking that the Glowforge Parts Department should stock up on a few surplus base covers for people attempting to cut holes and then replacing the aforementioned cover. :slight_smile:


We’re a 2 'vert family (wife and myself) plus another 2 cars for serious riding. Wife’s daily driver is the last of the Volvo C70s. Mine is a big LS600 but the 'vert is an SC430 - RWD and yes, I put snow tires on it so I can drive it any time this winter that the temps go above 40. (I love the looks from people as I drive with the top down, puffy coat on, scarf and hat on - and the heat blasting max in my face :smile:)


Yep! I do that every winter. At least once. Usually mid-winter when I just can’t stand feeling like a sardine anymore!

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Thanks a lot for the info :slight_smile: ill try to keep up with the international shipping updates near the due date… I appreciate your help :slight_smile:


So, we are on the cusp on a new month and a new year. Will we be receiving an update from @dan as to the status of the beginning production/manufacture of Glowforges for release into the distribution channels? If not, at least an update on the software, design, proofgrade, and other aspects related to the actual hardware itself. Thanks.


If @dan keeps to the monthly update schedule after the whole announcement at the beginning of December, there should indeed be one coming shortly. Given the holidays, I wouldn’t expect one until mid January


Some preliminary design tips coming tonight once @marmak3261 finishes looking them over. You should be able to get started doing some preliminary vector work using them. :slightly_smiling_face:


It would be nice to have a GlowForge :glowforge: “State of the New Year” report.

What has happened in December, what issues have been resolved in 2016, have the pre-production lab testing units gotten to the test labs, etc.


Since the production units use a different metallised coating that could potentially affect both safety and EMC, I would think it needs to be the full production units that go to the test houses.


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