December is just around the corner - WHO'S EXCITED?



So we have 107 days or 2568 hours until December 31 2016…
Yes I am getting excited that my baby will soon be here…
I have waited so long…


Yep have the new table underway and will be ready when it gets here.
I also have a plie of sacrificial materials to burn. :slightly_smiling_face:


So so so excited! I have a pinterest board, a notebook and tons of pictures of what I want to make! Can not wait until we get that magical email confirming our shipping address! :tada::fireworks:


I was excited a year ago. a bit less 6 months ago.

Considering we still haven’t seen any advanced features, my feet are firmly planted in the ‘cautiously awaiting’ camp.
Im hoping that any day now I can move back to the excited state, but it will take some 3d engraving for that to happen


I know what you mean! I wasn’t on the Forum for the longest time after the previous delay. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago - I saw some more videos and projects etc… that got me excited again. I hope we get our hands our Glowforges this year!


I am very excited, most of the time. But I must confess some dark nights lately when I think of what I could do with the refund. Luckily we still have topics like the kerf threads to keep things interesting. Almost a year now. Got to get my anniversary badge, although I waited a week before joining the forum.


Tbh getting a little numb waiting to find out if initial promised features even work


Hopeful, but not making any plans at this point. I look at October 19(ish) as being equivalent of the April 19 delay announcement. So I guess the coin toss might to be better able to be called in a bit more than a month’s time.


As expressed elsewhere, I am “guardedly optimistic”.


I’m all over the place on this one. I’m very excited to see what the machine will be capable of on delivery day, does that count?


Captain Awesome - aka my better half says: We hope for the best but prepare for the worst.


I could arguably say I’ve been waiting the longest having been on here two months before the campaign even started and I’ve been all over the map on excitement. However I firmly believe the hardware will be awesome when the GF ships. The software may not be all we hoped for at the beginning but it will still be an awesome start based on @smcgathyfay 's personal visit, and it will only get better. I also firmly believe in the GF team. I have my list and a few designs ready to go… Send me my machine!


The excitement just keeps growing. Trying to stay cautiously optimistic since it can’t be promised that another delay won’t happen, but I’m having a hard time keeping the hype train to a reasonable speed.


I’m guessing this breakdown made Dan sweat a little. :scream:


I AM! :grinning:


Cautiously excited!! Haha! Really hoping it happens but am ok with waiting if needed. :smiley:


In just about two weeks it will be one year since I ordered. Having been on this forum for that length of time and seeing all the amazing things people have made and discovered. I am in the excited camp for sure and so is the rest of the family…


Checklist for Glowforge Arrival
X Table for the Glowforge
. Clean the table of all the stuff that migrated onto it
. Order long power cable to make sure it reaches the correct outlet
X Decide on first “Hello World” project
. Order blank coasters and other material for “I’ve Got A Frickin’ Laser” Party


Excited. Just excited.


To me its not the hardware that is the awesome part (don’t get me wrong, its good). The awesome part is in the promise of what the software can do.

That is the main differentiation for me, and similar to what @takitus said - I think some of the usability improvements over a chinese laser will be sufficient to start with, but the expectations are high.

I will really start planning in November, when it looks like there won’t be another delay announced.