December is just around the corner - WHO'S EXCITED?



…as would the cats…


Well, let’s see: stamps, stencils, paper and cardboard items, custom rulers. None of which I plan to sell, just for my own amusement!


Which is the way of all technology.


Your own Hobby lobby! So well stocked and organized, so clean!
The only thing that out shines the floor is your smile!
Thank you for sharing all that with us!


That is an amazing workspace, love it!


Thank you!

:smiley: Oh, so many things…

Cloud shelves Cloud Shelves

Mermaid puzzles Mermaid Puzzle

Personalized board game pieces Personalized Game Pieces

Teacher gifts Teacher Appreciation Key Chains

Wooden weaponry Wooden sword!

I want a cart that invokes the Luggage from Discworld so I can truck my way down to our local elementary school and have maker fun with the kids. The Luggage, anyone?

I want to make a “hipster hearth” (working nickname), which will be a fake fireplace that mounts on the wall and provides full spectrum LED light-painted fire effects, as well as a mantle (which I think people underestimate the room score upgrade of), and possibly charging.

I’ve got 2 versions of a toy ferris wheel, some ideas for puzzle-ish cameo necklaces, and aaaalllll kinds of shelving plans. I want to turn our free-standing wardrobe into a tree. I want to etch dinosaurs into my son’s cargo pants and make name puzzles for all the kindergarteners to paint and assemble this spring…

Yeahhhhh… What don’t I want to make?

Your space is epic. Thank you for sharing your pictures and site and the article. I need all the business gurus I can get. <3 <3 <3


:slight_smile: Also, no worries. Pixel Potted Mouse and the Emperor Finn-tastico will both be moved.

As will every single one of my yoga mats and that towel.


Tell me about it! I was so cold the other day in the reading room and thought my heater was broken… only to find my Ragdoll Cat Starbucks (Who is 16.5 pounds) laying on the floor vent as if it’s his personal belly warmer!


Bwahahahaha! You made me spew!


It’s a hoot to catch our cat (Shadow) warming her butt on the floor register.

PS: I give up - there seems to be no way to rotate this for the forum so that it is right side up.


Mine does the same thing, or she will do this


Bahahha! Love this! It’s her butt warmer!

I’ll see if I can take one of my cat laying on the vent tonight.

Mine seems to REALLY likes to show off his belly…! Yes - he sleeps belly up too.


That is one relaxed cat!


He’s a snob! Although he did grace the cover of a cat magazine!


He seems well-pleased with himself - as he should be with those white socks and blue eyes.


Happy Cake Day @MikeH ! We share the same Cake Day! I bought my Glowforge exactly 1 year ago!

I have a feeling my cat Starbucks will think the Glowforge is for him when it comes because he thinks the world revolves around him!


Thanks - belated Happy Cake Day to you, too.

Our cat will probably take claim to some of the packaging that comes with the GF. She might be attracted to the warmth of the GF, but the noise will probably scare her off.


I really like your check list. I have much more time than you to complete it though…March. :cry: - Rich


I can’t wait to see where you are going to make with your Forge! I have the Eclips cutter as well. Very nice and neat!