December Update/ BFriday Filter deal question/concern

I am a glowforge pro owner and have been at a depressing stand still with replacing my filter cartridge being that they’re quite expensive and it’s time for a new cartridge.

Is there any way that the 50% off code could apply to just a replacement filter cartridge ? It would have been a dream after waiting like 2 extra years for the filter if we could have received a perk like this ( An extra cartridge). There’s so much learning and mistake making I’ve done with my Glowforge just to find out what I like doing with it. There’s literally no way in my community that I’m going to refer anyone I know to buy a Glowforge. It’s just realistically a perk of membership I will never enjoy.

**Please consider offering a holiday discount on a replacement filter for people who have invested in your for this long and not just 1-single deal that an owner can’t even take advantage of. **

Is it impossible for you to vent outside? That really is the way to go.

Speaking of which, has anyone received a filter from the store lately? I am still waiting on my order (already filed support tickets for an ongoing issue with the package being “return to sender” after dispatch, incredibly strange and frustrating.) For OP, I would advise contacting support to see if they can help!

edit: looks like the bundle and filter are sold out now

@reginas Unfortunately I’m unable to offer the Black Friday discount for a single cartridge. I will make sure the team hears your suggestion.