Deck Box for sleeved cards - glueless

I made this deck box to fit two sleeved Keyforge decks, so it’s wide enough for about 75 sleeved cards.

I still want to do some work on the lid to get it just right, but I don’t know when I’ll be trying that out. If you perfect this, share your results and let me know!

This has a hinged lid that closes (maybe a bit too) tightly and is a glueless assembly thanks to the serrated tabs to join the pieces.

Download the file from my Design Downloads page, or from this direct link.


Pretty! :grinning:

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Yes, I’m glad I didn’t share the version where I gave up on the lid and just made a thing you could wrap a rubber band around to hold in the cards! Hah!


Nice! Thank you!

This will come in handy, thanks!

It’s gorgeous! I like that lid.

Nice. Way better than the festi lid :slight_smile:

is that 1/8 inch solid walnut or plywood? - it’s hard to tell with the burnt edge - looks awesome - I have a lot of card games and I have a nice box design I use on my 3d printer, but it takes sooo long to print. With this I can finally knock out a bunch of boxes for every thing and then engrave the game name on the outside - sweet!

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Pictured is medium walnut plywood. This should work for all medium :proofgrade: plywood and I’m hoping acrylic, too - but the acrylic joints are tighter and I broke some trying to force it together. But now I’ve got a rubber mallet to use so I’ll be trying acrylic again soon!

The design should be pretty easy to make wider but let me know if you need help with that.

awesome thanks!

My suggestion for acrylic is to loosen the fit enough so that it is easy to assemble, holding together tightly enough for gentle handling–then use some thin acrylic glue. You don’t have to glue every inch of every joint, either. Even a few solvent-welded joints will make the whole thing hold together pretty well, and it will be easier to assemble than a super-tight fit.

I won’t settle for glue! :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the download to include a file with the side of the box, designed for printing on acrylic. And I tweaked the lid… but the old version is still included as I might have made the latchy stub too tall.

Here’s another example. And a tip… Next time I’m using frosted acrylic, I’m putting the frosted side on the inside of the box - it will help the cards slide out better.


Mixing material types…love it.

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Go Green!

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The great part is that the spartan symbol was my three-year old’s idea :slight_smile:


This is fantastic! Thank you! I am making some of these to donate to the Pokemon League that we run at the library!

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Nice! Thanks for sharing!