Looking for help making a deckbox

This might not be the right category to put this in but I’m looking for some ideas/help on creating boxes. I’m still really new to the design portion of a owning a GF but have Illustrator/Photoshop and am pretty knowledgeable in the latter.

My question is, is there a good tutorial or rule of thumb for creating boxes? I think I could figure out most of them save for the base which I believe would just be mostly measuring the length vs, thickness of the sides? If anyone has any tips for a newbie they’d be appreciated.

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I find downloading someone else’s design and then reverse engineering it to be the best way to figure out how something works…if your brain works in similar ways I’ll point you at: Deck Box for sleeved cards - glueless and Duel Deck Box (MTG) (do a search for “deck box” and you’ll find more)

Also there is @kigster’s online box generator at https://makeabox.io/ or if you use inkscape this leads to a plugin: Box Generator

Have fun!


Oh yeah, and probably not the right category as this is for posting designs. I’d move it to Everything Else

Thanks! the glueless one looks pretty decent, I’ll just need to widen it a bit to fit a commander deck.

@ik.ben.goode I’m happy to answer any questions about the Duel Deck Box linked above. I create most of my designs starting with primative shapes like squares and circles. I then merge them together into shapes that I’m looking for. I use the power of the maths to figure out sizes.


If you need to make simple boxes, makercase.com will generate finger jointed boxes


Wow Makercase is exactly what I was looking for! thank you.

Maker case may well be best for your first box but when you decide to get jiggy with it, learn Fusion360.


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