Declaration of Conformíty CE


does somebody still has the Declration of Conformity of their laser?

I dont remember getting one.

When importing the laser to the EU from the US you are responsible that all directive and Norms are correct.

Per a previous response:


No my glowforge did not arrive with a Declaration of Conformity. This is mandatory when importing to the EU. I wrote this to support and they dont have it yet. So they were just winging it and lucky the customs did not stop glowforges and send them to Market watch authorities.

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Have you written to as indicated in their response? Posting here does not contact support so you’re not going to get the assistance you need.
I’m sorry you couldn’t find your certificate, but this company has never “winged it” on anything and they’ve delivered all over the EU.

I guess they were lucky that customs did not ask for further checking. I asked my local authortities that do this furhter checking if customs sends them a case and they told me a Declaration of Conformity is necessary when importing into the EU. Here below you can read its mandatory on the EU website. If they dont have it yet they indeed were or are winging it. Also Dan needs to sign it. Not having them might could make them vunerable that a competitor sues them.

" An EU declaration of conformity (DoC) is a mandatory document that you as a manufacturer or your authorised representative need to sign to declare that your products comply with the EU requirements. By signing the DoC you take full responsibility for your product’s compliance with the applicable EU law."

Manufacturers, importers and/or authorised representatives will be held liable if the CE mark has been fixed illegally or if the product does not meet the standards indicated by the EU harmonised standards …

But probably from only within the EU aaaaaand they don’t exist in the EU. The company has seemed to try and confirm to as many local laws as possible. When they weren’t they dropped the country support and refunded money back in the day. The people in those countries weren’t happy but sometimes it was too much. I think it was 5 countries?

How does that all work any way? They didn’t sell “in” the EU. You bought from there, but this a company completely outside the EU. No store, no offices, no warehouse, no factories, no distribution, no representatives. You imported it, not GF.

As far as I can figure(completely unstudied so complete open to wrongness), GF couldn’t be successfully sued from the EU as they don’t operate within EU and have no affiliation with anything in the EU.

Other American companies can as they own and operate locations from within the EU. Apple, Google, Facebook, MS, and many others all have stores, distributors, or facilities of some sort.

Your example site citation there is even of a EU country selling a product within the EU.

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First why do you think the EU cannot sue an American company?

Also as I as an importer can be held accountable. I will further research this.

I think they First would ban further Imports. I guess too many people ordered Glowforges in the EU so glowforge could Not Just say we are Not selling to you.

Anyway They should do it now these things are not that difficult to do. But you need follow the Rules of the Country you are selling to even when you Not operate there.

Well anyone can sue in abstentia and win but GF doesn’t legally exist in anyplace under EU jurisdiction.


In fact I do agree with the rest of that post. Except to say “should” instead of “need.” “Need” to where they operate, which again they don’t in EU. And to reiterate that GF(Dan specifically early on) said they would sell to places they felt they could adhere to the legal standards so that does place responsibility to do so-see countries they dropped due to onerous requirements.

If I mail something legal in the US to Italy that is illegal, I’d like to see Italy come get me. If you did so from Germany, you fall under the same EU laws Italy does.

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I think they have build their machine according to these standards so its just a matter of putting together a document and have Dan Sign it.

In the US the FCC mark is considered to be the DoC. In the EU its just handeld differently. You as a manufacturer are ensuring that you have build your machines according to the standards and have done the necessary electromagnetic compatibiltiy tests.

All applicable products in the EU market after July 1, 2006 must pass RoHS compliance.,products%20(known%20as%20EEE).

Also the UL but you are correct and I’m sure they did build them accordingly. Just so slow on so many of the things they do.
I’d also argue they aren’t selling in the EU market. You’re importing. But that point is also moot in the realm of splitting hairs and neither of us is necessarily wrong. I appreciate the level headedness of a friendly debate. Good health and be well sir. :sunglasses:

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Also the topic is recycling …

(WEEE = Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment)

Glowforge has to registered it …