Deep Cleaning Diassembly and Cleaning Porducts?

Hey there,

I’m not going to lie but I’ve only cleaned my laser about 2 times deeply since I got it in 2018. I know…

Anyway Is there a guide on how to deep clean and or disassemble anything before liability stops (if that even still applies?)

And if so what liquids and or cleaning products should I use?

I was planning on using a light Water Pruessure washer on the grill and then immediately airdry it, but as far as getting under to the poorly designed fan on the far left corner, how do people go about that?



That’s as deep as we can go?

Thanks for the link.

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Don’t miss the link in there to the exhaust fan cleaning routine.

It’s really as deep as you NEED to go. If you really want to, you can take the crumb tray apart and soak it in Simple Green.

As a former computer repair tech, I can tell you the more you mess with stuff, the more likely it is to decide to fail on you. Circuit boards really don’t need to be pristine. The cleaning outlined on the Support site really is sufficient. :slight_smile:


As @geek2nurse says, be sure you continue to the “additional tidying” section, where it talks about cleaning the exhaust.

Thank you @robermar36 and @geek2nurse for your awesome feedback!

That link that was provided should be all you need to keep your Glowforge unit clean. If you find yourself running into trouble, please feel free to write into for more detailed instructions.