Deep Engrave Gone?

Where did the deep engrave option go? I just opened one of my designs and it’s not correct anymore because the deep engrave option is no more. Did I miss something, or did they just get rid of it and I just noticed?
Edited to add, does anyone know what the speed and power were for it?

The “deep engrave” options only show for proofgrade materials. They are still there.


I’m using proofgrade. It’s not there for me anymore.

Is for me.

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I only have Draft, SD, and HD. No more Deep. I’ll email support and ask them what’s up. In the meantime, can you tell me the settings?

It only shows for certain materials, i.e. it’s not an option for plywood or most medium materials. The specific settings will vary by material.


I still have it. What material are you using?


Interesting. I could’ve swore I’ve used it for maple plywood. Weird. And now I gotta figure out one of my catalog designs, because it’s not engraving deep enough…and it was…
Thank you for the answers :slight_smile:

Maple plywood. But eflyguy pointed out it’s not there for plywoods or medium materials.
I guess I should take better notes, as I obviously don’t remember what I did before :grimacing:

You can use custom/manual settings on any material you like, but the built-in defaults only appear for certain Proofgrade materials.

I have and do use “Vary Power” for engraving on plywood, but they are custom settings I came up with that work for the types I use. I rarely use GF Proofgrade materils.


I use manual settings all the time, but this is a different/similar version of a catalog design I did, and I’m wondering what settings I submitted to them, because I had it nailed down at the time.
The fortune holder keychain is my design, and now I’m doing a different shaped keychain, but with the same magnets and holes, and my engrave isn’t deep enough. I opened up my catalog design and it’s not engraving deep enough either. I have had to report wrong settings in several of my designs already. I’m not sure how some things get lost or changed in the submission process, but I always gotta go check them out to see if they are correct after the go live. They often aren’t.
This design has been live for awhile now, and I hope it hasn’t been causing problems for people…but now I gotta go mess with it to find the correct settings again.

Sorry for your troubles, but it’s never changed. Only certain Proofgrade materials have ever had “Deep Engrave” settings since the beginning.

Medium plywood is excluded because of the inconsistency in density between the layers.

Thanks, and I believe you. I really should take better notes.
I appreciate you taking time to help me!

No problem.

“Deep Engrave” was only added a year or two ago, when the stamp maker button was added. All the preset does compared to a normal engrave is set the number of passes to 2. It was added as a preset for certain thick (1/4") materials only, mainly thick acrylics, since those are what they envisioned people using for stamps. You can set the number of passes to 2 manually when using any material.

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I mentioned it not working with 1/8" thickness and you said it didn’t depend on thickness, but here you’re saying the opposite. ? :thinking:
“Medium plywood is excluded because of the inconsistency in density between the layers.”

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