Will we be able to defocus the beam for thicker vector lines?


There were a number of reasons users wanted to defocus the beam…bacon anyone? I think I recall the ability to manually defocus the beam was going to be available in the UI. - Rich


Oops, forgot the disclaimer: I could be completely wrong. Also this would probably not be the way to get thicker vector lines, depending on the material. - Rich


No, you’re right.

In the linked video that Dan posted, you can see focus distance in the UI:

Here’s a link to the video cued to the appropriate time where it’s visible in the UI:


Oh, don’t get me wrong… it’s a quick and dirty trick and I’m not necessarily promoting the practice. Just wondering if we’ll have the native ability. Vector will be a bagillion times faster than raster, so for simple thicker designs defocussing may be desired.


Certainly looks promising. Thanks!


Here is an image @dan posted awhile back with the Focus height setting shown.


Here’s a link to everything Dan has said in reference to defocusing…

The search tool for Discourse (the forum software) is pretty darn good! :slight_smile:


First time I have seen glimpses of the user interface which look as though everything I could want is conrtollable.


We tried to get it all in there. :wink:

All subject to change, of course; we’re working on the software constantly to make it better!


A major innovation is the software will always be subject to change!

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