Defying gravity on a rotating vertical sign (aka as multiple family members WFH/SFH issues)

I need function, but it would be a bonus to look nice, and I want to glowforge it (not use a dry erase board; how boring!)…how would I design:

  • vertical sign to hang on an (inside) door
  • 2 layers
  • bottom layer has potential of 3-6ish different inscriptions/sections
  • top layer has hole in it that is moved to specific inscription they want to display (needs a stop or something that makes it fast to find and keeps it from sliding up/down/sideways with motion of door or gravity.

Purpose: so a WFH inhabitant can quickly open their door, change the sign to “call in progress”, so person walking up to door won’t knock or open door.

I keep thinking of a rotating top layer but how to stop it in that spot is a hmmm

I am sure there is a simple solution but the brain can’t Google today the right term to come up with something. I’m a visual person and usually one visual leads to another idea.

Hoping for something quick as I have 3 doors to brandish with a solution as we seem to be interrupting one another constantly. Thanks in advance for any ideas!

It’s that keeping the sign in place without causing a pain to move it to another section in less than 60 seconds that is bugging my brain today.

Hey @Livein3D ! So the Made on a Glowforge category is more for finished products created with a GF. Would you mind if I move this over to the Everything Else category for you?

That being said, once you create it, you should def post it here in MOAG!

Magnets would seem to be the simplest solution… You could embed magnets at specific Heights,

Depending on your aesthetics, this might be easiest to do with more than two layers, but that all depends on whether or not you want to hide the magnets.

yes please move it! sorry about that

All good! Sorry I didn’t give you any ideas on the design though…

Are you thinking like a hotel do-not-disturb sign? Instead of two layers, you could just do a front and back side, and you flip it around on the door handle when you have the call…


If you search this forum for “perpetual calendar” there a few designs that could be adapted for what you’re describing. The circular one is particularly cool.

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Perhaps a Ratchet and Pawl - a gear that goes only one way and a stop to keep it there.
I have seen them used in laser cut counters - I got a very over engineered one when I bought something from UGears.

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I think @timjedwards solved your problem long before the problem existed.

Ancillary Mode (an escutcheon)

Which is a really cool design that I still one day want to build…


No Moleste

Can you flip it to request moleste? Like the little tumbler at Brazilian steakhouses?


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